10 June 2011

Ohh mai mai mai.

okay look
nowadays, many bloggers had wrote something are general and personal on their blogs. some are sooo sweet and some are soo menjengkelkan.
here, i just want to let out my opinions okay, there are nothing to do with condemn-mengondem.
for those yang nak marah, lntak hanglah, aku kisah apa, ni pandangan aku, taknak baca, ang pi berambus.

if i were in their shoes.
 i will never and ever to talk about my personal things such my problems,my relationship yang sungguh berantakkan tu, my family's problem and so on because for me, our personal life it's our secrets. and i'll share something with you guys about my cantik moments and my buruk moments

i know whereas the blog is  the place for us to share about our life with people out there but it'll be soo tidak sopan if u talk about how bad your feeling about someone else, your family's problems ,how bad they are, that's all. i'm sorry if this entry offend others feeling. i'm just let out my opinions okay.

i learnt from my experience :)
i'm sorry if ada yang terasa.
full errors and broken english :)

p/s : lgsg takder kena mengena ngan tajuk. *Out of Title

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