11 November 2010

hurm today did not go to school, feeling too lazy to go to school not for anything else. either sit home today. yesterday, was tired because it goes from morning to noon to be like a fool. fath, mia & Wafaa busy for helping teachers. I have to stay in the classroom alone. wtf! even though Daniel is around there but he is busy for the correction of the paper business studies. There is not anyone want to entertain me. sad: (so I decided to not go to school today. I'm already telling my mother did not want to come to school.

me: mom, I feel too lazy to go to school today, can skip it?
mother: huh? Why?
me: hurmm. not do anything, so better sit home.
mother: hurmm, a warning letter from the school will come again how?
me: alaaa .. plsss ..
mother: if you were sitting home, you're going to do what?
me: I can finish my proposal, to be submitted Monday. might want to go to the library this    morning,
mother: ok but be sure to take anje from school okay .. another one. please send me to work because I have to attend courses.
me: okay mom!

after sending my mother and my lil sis, I, i drove a car to go home but before I got home, I stopped to buy breakfast near the shops in Sg. Chua. I bought mee goreng.when arriving at home, I ate fried noodles and watching tv.after eating it, began to feel want to sleep. an end is sleeping!when getting out of bed, suddenly there is the text of yunus.

yunus: baby! Why turn off the phone?
me: sleep, sory dear.
yunus: I suppose tu ..

we chatting and texting about yesterday, happy crazy:)
I love love you so.

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