27 September 2010


The Answers for all my questions for all this while.

Just now, he texting me.im quite surprised gak,
he wrote on that texts:

Him : org mntak maaf byk2,hm...kte kn blh jadi kwn.
me   : yes we are, if not, that time i'll walk away when i saw u there ,with your brother :)
Him : thanks,okaylah nak men futsal
me   : okey :) pls take care of urself okay and one more things pls eat more cause your face looks so cengkung

even his text too simple but for me it's meaningful for me to answer all my questions that around in my mind, i know i must accept him as my friend not as my boyfriend anymore, it might be it takes a time for me to do but for my lovely person, i will even i need to sacrifice everything because right now, only him that i have in my heart.

To my ex-bf,
thanks for everything that u've done on me,
thanks for supporting me to wear tudung
thanks for your helped especially when i took the wrong bus.
thanks for your love,attentions that you had given to me all this while,
thanks cause realising me how sweet your loves are :)
i will remember our memories during our times together.
the most important is, you makes me realise what the connection between love and loyal it is,
thanks a lot to you :))

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